2014 UBC Club Meet

The meet will be held on either Saturday Jan 11 or Sunday Jan 12. We will be working to make this an annual intercollegiate meet.

We are working on resolving problems encountered during UBC’s first club meet in March 2013.

  • 12 feet x 12 feet platform (2 layers plywood, one layer rubber)
  • Women’s Olympic Weightlifting bar
  • Trained spotters
  • Ample time for contest (venue booked 7am – 12 am)
  • BCPA Provincial II judges
  • Workshop on IPF contest rules prior to meet.
  • More Trophies (Best Lifters, Best Novice Lifters, Most Improved lifters)

The meet includes weightlifting and powerlifting. You can compete in just one or both if you like.

The equipment we plan to use will be within IPF specifications, but not IPF legal as it wont be from approved manufacturers. For weightlifting we plan to use equipment that BCWA would allow for local contests. However, this meet is not a sanctioned contest so BCWA records cannot be broken.

At the present moment, due to safety issues and lack of proper equipment we won’t be featuring equipped lifting. It is something we will be working to include in future meets. We would like to have it, but we first have to ensure there will be enough plates to accommodate heavy weight equipped lifters.

Let your friends know about the meet and stay tuned for further information!


Admin Team



    • ubcwlpl

      Hello. We are a registered club with the British Columbia Powerlifting Association, which conducts drug tests according to WADA rules. However, our upcoming club meet is not sanctioned by BCPA, and our club does not have the resources or personnel to conduct drug tests. Having said that, we are 100% against the usage of any WADA banned substance in our club meets and any athlete representing our club at any BCPA/CPU/IPF meet, who tests positive for any banned substance will get a lifetime ban from the club. We hold a zero tolerance policy.

      Thank you for your inquiry,

      Sam Tsegai

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