Current Status: No active registrations.


When an upcoming meet is accepting competitors, online forms for Powerlifting and Olympic Weightlifting will be found here. Online payment is preferred, however if this is not possible for you please email us for alternative methods of payment.

No signatures are required for the registration. However, on the day of the meet a WAIVER must be signed (with a signature) in order to compete.


Determining Your Age and Weight Class

Age and weight classes include the lower and upper values of the class. Age is based on birth year, and weight is determined during your weigh in. Once you exceed the upper value of a given class, you progress into the next higher class. For example:

  • 20-year-old man
  • Bodyweight of 165 Lbs (75 Kg)
  • Competing in Olympic Weightlifting
  • Class: Senior in 69 Kg category.

The same principle applies to powerlifting classes, although the ranges are different. Competitors MUST meet the minimum requirements for youth/ men/ women by the day of the meet.



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