It never gets easier.  You just get stronger. – Anonymous

  • To bring together UBC students, alumni, faculty, staff and the public interested in Olympic-style weightlifting and powerlifting.
  • To hold club competitions and to help members reach the provincial, national and international level.
  • To raise awareness of the health benefits and advantages of Olympic-style weightlifting and powerlifting.

Looking for a new way to work out? Want more intensity? Want to increase your lifts?

We are recreational and varsity UBC student athletes who practice Olympic-style weightlifting and powerlifting, and some of us compete nationally.

Some of us do it to stay healthy, some to develop physical strength, and others because it is our passion. We aim to bring together UBC students, alumni, faculty, and others interested in Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting.

Lifting weights has gained speed to become a favorite in losing weight and getting healthier efficiently. However, many students currently train without structured coaching. Since the movements of the two sports are very technical and performed with heavy weights, they are at an increased risk for injuries. Therefore, we feel that teaching proper technique is pertinent to the well-being of students as they develop strength and power.

At the end of the year, we host our annual meet for both powerlifting and weightlifting. This meet does not require membership with our club or any other association, so it is a great time to experience what it is like to compete – for a fraction of the price.

Anyone at any level can join! It’s never too late to start, and age is just a number.

We hope to see you at the sessions and meets!


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